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Top 6 Bible Studies on Revelation and the Hope of Heaven

Our approach to the book of Revelation falls into one of two extremes: either we ignore it, or we get so embroiled in it we get sucked into conspiracy theories, controversy, or just plain confusion. But, Revelation is the grand finale of our Bibles for a reason, and even those of us tempted to ignore it should sit up and take notice. In Revelation we find the final answer to the problem that occupies the other 65 books of the Bible

7 Apologetics Bible Studies Defend Faith Non-Traditionally

This collection on apologetics departs from the traditional objection-handling approach to defending our faith. Whether we’re journeying with a former Muslim, or looking through the lens of a filmmaker, or talking about a classic Christian book, or watching a discussion amongst avowed nonbelievers, these studies deliver intriguing perspectives, compelling arguments, and inspiration to improve upon our traditional approach to defending our faith.

25 Small Group Bible Studies Based in the Holy Land

Introducing 25 Bible studies based in the Holy Land, taught by 9 leading Bible teachers, that small groups can watch without leaving home!

How These Video Bible Studies for Kids Can Empower Parents

Is a kids Bible study that important?

Nineteenth-century evangelist D. L. Moody once said that if he could relive his life, he would devote his entire ministry to reaching children for God. A look at the statistics would tell us that Moody was right. The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) found that 63% of people surveyed became a Christian between the ages of 4-14, with the median age being 11.

What Moody understood, and what we need to pay attention to today, is that involving kids in Bible study at the time they are most likely to make a decision to follow Jesus is the most important ministry our churches can have.

Women’s Small Groups — It’s Where Women Flourish in Every Season

Oh, the joys of those who do not follow wicked advice, who do not hang around with sinners, scoffing at the things of God. But they delight in doing everything ...

Young Adult Bible Study: Where Life Gets Figured Out

Young adults today are facing more challenges and pressures than ever before. And that’s not just a cliché. In the face of such complexities, Bible studies for young adults can ...

5 Verses + 5 Bible Studies for Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States, when we focus on the contributions people of African descent have made to this country. You can embark on a personal Bible study for Black History Month, or lead your church or small group to collectively understand the plight of a people made in God’s image, and acknowledge God’s goodness at work in their remarkable achievements. To help guide the conversations of a church group, here are five Bible verses about diversity, justice, and equality that can help frame the discussion, then five Bible studies to help you think more deeply about the important principles Black History Month spotlights.

Top Video Bible Studies for Easter on the Life of Jesus, His Death, and Resurrection

The Easter season is a special time of the year to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us, and to be thankful for the gift of grace and salvation he ...

Set and Reach Your 2023 Bible Study Goals with This Planner

Why do so many resolutions fail after the first couple of weeks? Often, it’s because of a lack of planning, accountability, and commitment…and because we’ve left God out of the solution!

    What if this year you made a commitment to your goals by engaging in a Bible study that will help you?

    Start by downloading our free Bible Study Goals Planner!

    Study Gateway’s Top 10 Bible Studies for 2022

    At, the world's leading subscription service for streaming video Bible studies, 2022 has been a very exciting year for new Bible studies! Of the top ten most-watched studies of ...

    Your Viewing Guide to Christmas Bible Studies for Small Groups or Families

    Christmas video Bible studies are the perfect way to bring together your people during the month of December, prepare your heart for the season, and study the birth of Jesus with fresh perspective! Can’t decide which Christmas video Bible study to do? Here’s your viewing guide to four popular Christmas studies to help you choose the best one for your small group.

    Mental Health: Could Your Small Group Use Some Help to Support Each Other?

    Studies show that 1 out of every 4 adults in America will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lifetime. 

    I decided to dedicate Season Two of our podcast, Study Gateway’s First Listens, to this universal and timely issue of mental health. I have curated a collection of sessions from seven Bible studies that speak to different aspects of mental health.

    5 Keys to Success for the Introverted Small Group Leader

    The struggle of the introvert who is leading a small group is real. We tend to script the personality and traits and even physical stature we think a leader should possess. And, they might feel the pressure of expectations, expressed or assumed, that they will perform as a leader the same way a charismatic people-magnet person would. But the most extroverted person is not always the best small group leader.

    5 Ideas for Inspiring Your Small Group Prayer Time

    Need a prayer reboot for your church small group? Get creative + designate prayer champions! By Shelley Leith, Study Gateway  Be persistent and devoted to prayer, being alert and focused ...

    Fearful About Leading a Church Small Group? 3 Lies You Need to Stop Believing

    Have you been thinking about starting a small group Bible study, or leading one, but you’re hesitating because you’re afraid no one will want to come, or you don’t think you have the gift of hospitality, or you don’t feel qualified? Let’s talk about that!

    3 Reasons Food is So Important to Small Group Fellowship

    Sharing a Meal Together: An Underestimated Fellowship Builder by Shelley Leith, Study Gateway Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and ...

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    Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

    Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

    Here are some tools to help: 

    The Small Group Tool Kit includes two mobile-friendly invitation cards, reflection cards to enhance your small  group experience, and a worship song playlist curated by Hosanna Wong that can beplayed during small group meetings or personal Bible study time. 

    The Church Tool Kit includes a downloadable poster, bulletininsert, invitation card, and Power Point slide.

    Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

    Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

    Shawn Johnson, lead pastor of Red Rocks Church, gives a
    searingly honest portrait of anxiety and depression and shows readers how to fight back and live free. He also has put together three free tools pastors can use to help their congregation have a productive conversation around mental health, including a discussion guide, sermon notes and key Scripture verses.