The Abide Bible Course

Five innovative ways to read the Bible.

Do you feel guilty that you don’t read your Bible every day? When you do sit down to study the Bible, do you find yourself easily distracted and feeling like you’re missing something? Are you looking to connect with God’s Word in a fresh way that makes you look forward to your daily time in Scripture? If so, The Abide Bible Course is for you!

In this study, a professor and a pastor—Dr. Phil Collins and Randy Frazee—will walk you through five innovative practices that will take you beyond just reading and help you deeply engage with Scripture in a way that fits your unique personality and learning style. In each session, they will explain the practice and walk you through each one—with practical examples—so you can try out for the upcoming week.

About This Study

Topic/ThemeTopic/Theme: Bible Engagement; Bible Study Tools
Recommended UsesRecommended Uses: Small Group, College Ministry, Personal Study
SessionsWatch Session 2 for Free: Praying Scripture
Recommended UsesChurch Tool Kit: Download the free Church Tool Kit. It includes a downloadable poster, bulletin insert, invitation card and Power Point Slide


Starting this Study on Your Own? Here's what you will need: Get a copy of The Abide Bible Course Study Guide plus Streaming Video which contains everything you need to do the study. The study guide contains a video streaming code on the inside front cover which will give you access to all of the video sessions. Click here to learn how to redeem the video streaming code!

Starting this Study with Your Group? Here's what the group will need: It's recommended that each group member has their own copy of the The Abide Bible Course Study Guide plus Streaming Video. The study guide contains everything needed to do the study including a video streaming code to access all the video sessions. Click here to learn how to redeem the video streaming code!

The video study (DVD) is available separately for group's wanting a physical copy of the videos.