NKJV Bibles

KJV Outreach Bibles


Affordable NKJV Bibles and New Testaments are a perfect giveaway to seekers and new Bible readers. Bulk discounts available!

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KJV Pew Bibles


NKJV Pew Bibles are available in a variety of price points, colors, bindings and type sizes. Bulk discounts available!

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KJV Pastoral Bibles


Bibles for pastors and ministry workers include leather reference editions.

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KJV Study Bibles


Gain Scriptural insight with Bibles containing study features such as verse-by-verse notes, articles, maps, charts and more.

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KJV Large Print Bibles

Large/Giant Print

NKJV Bibles are available in a wide selection of large and giant print editions that make reading easier for older readers.

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KJV Journaling Bibles


Connect with God in His Word with Bibles that include open margins to reflect back your thoughts right in His Word.

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KJV Parallel Bibles


Instantly compare the NKJV, verse-by-verse, with other translations including the NNIV, The Message, and more.

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NIV Special Occasion Bibles

Special Occasion

God’s Word is the perfect gift for special occasions such as marriage, graduation, new baby, baptism, and for new believers.

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KJV Comfort Print Bibles

Comfort Print

Enjoy a pleasant Bible reading experience with editions in our exclusive custom typeface designed for easier reading.

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KJV Text & Reference Bibles

Text and Reference

Classic plain text NKJV Bibles are available in a variety of editions including Thinline and Compact in a variety of price points.

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KJV Teen Bibles


Help young people to know and love God more through his Word and how it applies to life during this formative time.

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NIV Kids Bibles


NKJV Bibles for children and tweens have age-appropriate covers and features that help kids get into God’s Word.

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NIV Audio Bibles


Audio Bibles are perfect for travel! Choose from straight Scripture reading or dramatized audio with music and sound effects.

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NIV Study Resources

Study Resources

Get the most from your Bible reading with references and study resources appropriate for novice to scholar.

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NIV Reading Bibles


Focus on the words of Scripture alone with formats such as single column text and without extra commentary or notes.

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