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Set and Reach Your 2023 Bible Study Goals with This Planner

Set and Reach Your 2023 Bible Study Goals with This Planner

Why do so many resolutions fail after the first couple of weeks? Often, it’s because of a lack of planning, accountability, and commitment…and because we’ve left God out of the solution!

    What if this year you made a commitment to your goals by engaging in a Bible study that will help you?

    Start by downloading our free Bible Study Goals Planner! Use it to guide you to choose an area to work on, then find the Bible studies to do that will support you in your goal. Clinch your success by studying the Bible with some friends!

    What is your New Year's goal?

    1. I want to read the Bible more!

      30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders

      2. I want to get healthy

        Made to Crave Action Plan by Lysa TerKeurst

        3. I have bad habits I want to break

        Unoffendable by Brant Hansen

        4. I spend too much time on social media!

          Get Your Life Back Bible Study Guide by John Eldredge

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          5. I want to simplify and clear out clutter

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           6. I'm overwhelmed by my own expectations

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            7. I want to work on my personal relationships

            • Good Boundaries and Goodbyes
            • Unoffendable
            • Everybody Always
            • When Making Others Happy Is Making You Miserable
            • Emotionally Healthy Relationships
            • When to Walk Away
            • Relatable
            • Beyond Boundaries

              Good Boundaries and Good Byes by Lysa TerKeurst

              Watch it at StudyGateway

              Download our FREE Bible Study Goals Planner for 2023, and use it to set your goals for the new year and then stay motivated and on track!

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