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Fearful About Leading a Church Small Group? 3 Lies You Need to Stop Believing


Fight the fear from believing Satan’s lies—you can be a small group leader!

By Shelley Leith, Study Gateway

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

Have you been thinking about starting a small group Bible study, or leading one, but you’re hesitating because you’re afraid no one will want to come, or you don’t think you have the gift of hospitality, or you don’t feel qualified? Let’s talk about that!

Here at Study Gateway, we work with church small groups all day long, and we help groups form and provide them with great curriculum to do together. But, many people report that they have trouble starting a church small group, or they have worries or fears that keep them from trying. Let’s talk about the three most typical lies Satan wants to put in your head to prevent you from starting a group, leading a group, and forming real community.

Lie #1: People won’t want to come to my small group.

If you think things like…No one will want to come to my group. Everyone’s so busy. People aren’t interested in spiritual things anymore. Think again! This is no lie…the majority of people you’re thinking of inviting are sitting there wishing they could connect with someone. People need relationships! Your invitation could be just the thing they were hoping for.

Lie #2: My house isn’t group-worthy. Plus, I’m no good at hospitality.

If you talk yourself out of hosting a group because you don’t think your house is nice enough, or clean enough, or you don’t like to bake, then think again! People don’t come to your group because of your house—they come because of you! And if you’re welcoming and interested in them, the state of your house won’t matter one bit. If serving snacks is not your thing, then ask other people to take turns bringing snacks. Giving people a responsibility makes them more likely to show up.


Lie #3: I’m not qualified to teach a Bible study.

If you feel unqualified to teach a Bible study, then don’t! Instead, you can find a video Bible Study where the teaching is done by a Bible expert, and you can be the facilitator of group discussions based on lessons you watch together on video.  It’s as easy as pressing that play button on your Study Gateway screen!

Here’s a PRO TIP to help you overcome self-doubt and get your small group started: Join Study Gateway.

As a subscriber to Study Gateway’s streaming Bible studies, you have access to hundreds of video lessons by trusted pastors, Bible teachers and authors from HarperChristian Resources. You’ll find studies for women, for men, for church leaders, for students and children, for marriages, for people in crisis, for new Christians, and for seasoned veterans in the faith. Even before your first study is over, you’ll want to browse through the library to discover the study your group wants to do next, and next after that!      

Did you know? Study Gateway is the only streaming Bible study service that offers subscriptions specifically designed for small groups! It’s easy to start your free 7-day trial, and after that you pay less than $1 per person per month for a group of up to 20 people. Individual and church plans are available too. Check it out!

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