3 Essential Truths About the Holy Spirit

The more people I talk to about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit the more I am reminded how much confusion there is regarding His work. Perhaps worse than mere ...

7 Apologetics Bible Studies Defend Faith Non-Traditionally

This collection on apologetics departs from the traditional objection-handling approach to defending our faith. Whether we’re journeying with a former Muslim, or looking through the lens of a filmmaker, or talking about a classic Christian book, or watching a discussion amongst avowed nonbelievers, these studies deliver intriguing perspectives, compelling arguments, and inspiration to improve upon our traditional approach to defending our faith.

25 Small Group Bible Studies Based in the Holy Land

Introducing 25 Bible studies based in the Holy Land, taught by 9 leading Bible teachers, that small groups can watch without leaving home!

Five Questions to Ask before Giving a Health-Related Sermon

We may feel like health lessons from the pulpit cover a topic everyone can relate to—it seems like we’re all trying to pursue something other than the bodies we’ve been given. We may feel like sharing food and body messages could be helpful or even motivating. But many times, these messages fall flat, or worse, bring harm. Asking yourself these five questions before delivering a health-related message can help prevent harming other believers.

Create a Community Through your Small Group Ministry

Unlocking honest dialogue is the most important, and also one of the hardest, things a small group leader does. Everyone comes into things carrying baggage or or burdens that they are worried about showing or telling others, but allowing people to share their thoughts and feelings in an open and honest way, without judgement or shame, is the best way to create a strong community in your small group ministry.

3 ways to create disciple-making small groups

Creating small groups in your church can help members grow spiritually and build a sense of community. It will empower them to share their faith with others and will connect them to members throughout your church on a deeper level. Let's delve into these practical strategies and discover how they can breathe new life into your church's small group ministry.

Working with Teachable Moments

Sometimes, however, something happens in the group that breaks everyone free from these regular patterns—moments that pull the group away from its routine and into something different.

This is when group members often experience a jump of some kind. Relationships solidify quickly into a deeper bond. Something clicks in a person’s mind that enables them to truly understand and apply a doctrinal truth. Someone experiences conviction about an area of sin and confesses it openly.

I refer to these times as “teachable moments.”

How These Video Bible Studies for Kids Can Empower Parents

Is a kids Bible study that important?

Nineteenth-century evangelist D. L. Moody once said that if he could relive his life, he would devote his entire ministry to reaching children for God. A look at the statistics would tell us that Moody was right. The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) found that 63% of people surveyed became a Christian between the ages of 4-14, with the median age being 11.

What Moody understood, and what we need to pay attention to today, is that involving kids in Bible study at the time they are most likely to make a decision to follow Jesus is the most important ministry our churches can have.

Women’s Small Groups — It’s Where Women Flourish in Every Season

Oh, the joys of those who do not follow wicked advice, who do not hang around with sinners, scoffing at the things of God. But they delight in doing everything ...

5 Great Ways to Develop Leaders for Your Small Group Ministry

Finding leaders who are committed to teaching God's Word, championing ministry, and reaching people in a small group can be challenging, but here are five ways to help you develop leaders within your small group ministry.

Young Adult Bible Study: Where Life Gets Figured Out

Young adults today are facing more challenges and pressures than ever before. And that’s not just a cliché. In the face of such complexities, Bible studies for young adults can ...

How Do I Love My Spouse Through Infertility?

Infertility, miscarriage, and waiting push our marriages into the “for worse,” “in sickness,” and “for poorer” parts of our vows. These daunting challenges can drive a bitter wedge between you and your husband. Perhaps you don’t see eye to eye on fertility treatments. You might have different coping styles with stress, leading to a breakdown in communication. One or both of you might feel shame after receiving male-or female-factor diagnoses.

The Power of a Mens Bible Study: It’s Where Men Find Out They’re Not Alone

To understand why men need to be part of a men’s Bible study, just look to R.T. Phillips. He was president of the Christian men's movement Promise Keepers during its ...

Five Reasons Your Church Needs a Small Group Ministry

Small group Bible studies play an essential role in the life of any church. The idea is simple, it takes a large group of people (the church) and connects people within that large group to other members of the congregation where they can create deeper, more meaningful relationships. Find out 5 reasons your church should have a small group ministry.

Prayer - First Response, Not Last Resort

As pastors, we pray publicly and privately, personally and professionally. We pray with our teams and staff members and pray for those we serve. Other people ask us to pray for them and want to know how they should pray. Prayer sustains us but can sometimes become just another part of our job. And if we lose the fire in our own prayer life, then we may limit our ability to teach others to pray.

Jesus and Women Bible Study Watch List

We can learn so much from how Jesus valued and treated women! Let’s study Jesus’ interactions with seven women in these studies by women, for women.

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Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

Here are some tools to help: 

The Small Group Tool Kit includes two mobile-friendly invitation cards, reflection cards to enhance your small  group experience, and a worship song playlist curated by Hosanna Wong that can beplayed during small group meetings or personal Bible study time. 

The Church Tool Kit includes a downloadable poster, bulletininsert, invitation card, and Power Point slide.

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

Shawn Johnson, lead pastor of Red Rocks Church, gives a
searingly honest portrait of anxiety and depression and shows readers how to fight back and live free. He also has put together three free tools pastors can use to help their congregation have a productive conversation around mental health, including a discussion guide, sermon notes and key Scripture verses.