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Pastors, Get Time Back in Your Week

The Thompson® Chain-Reference® Bible is an excellent tool to engage with for Bible study and sermon preparation. For well over 100 years, professional clergy, lay pastors, and Bible teachers in many settings have profitably used its study systems to enrich their instruction. The TCR’s in-depth study system identifies the interconnectedness of God’s inspired Scripture as it links topics throughout the Bible. In this article, we’ll examine how this study system, and all the tools associated with it, save time in study and sermon preparation.

Do pastors struggle with loneliness, anxiety or depression?

The pulpit can often be the loneliest space in the room. In their private lives, these seven pastors were isolated relationally. Somewhere along the way, they substituted friendship with counterfeit versions of community (likes, followers, and fans). But followers are a poor substitute for healthy, accountable, encouraging, loyal friends. Pastoral failure was a symptom. Isolation was the underlying disease.

A Sense of Sin

It is impossible to remain the same when you think about or experience the glory of God because you will get a sense of your sin. That is why I object to prophetic ministry that is not accompanied by gospel preaching.

New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series | Scot McKnight

In the New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series , widely respected biblical scholar Scot McKnight combines interpretive insights with pastoral wisdom for all the books of the New Testament. Each volume provides: Original Meaning. Brief, precise...

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

A Letter from Pastor Shawn Johnson Hi friends, We recently polled the people in our church and asked them what they were struggling with most in life. Unsurprisingly, anxiety and depression were at the top of the list. The CDC currently says that...

On Earth As It Is In Heaven | N.T. Wright

Like time itself, certain ideas creep up on you and, before you know it, they have changed the way you think about everything else. That’s how it was for me with the resurrection of Jesus. Brought up to go to church, to sing the hymns and say the...

An Encouraging Note to Pastors Navigating Racial Conversations

4 Encouragements for Pastors Navigating Racial Conversations Thoughts from Isaac Adams What can we say to encourage pastors who are dipping their toes into racial matters as they lead their congregations? We could ask why they’re just now dipping...

4 Ground Rules Helpful in the Discussion of God & Race | Wayne Francis and John Siebeling

God and race is a massive subject and many of us have struggled with how to have relevant conversations on this topic that aren’t explosive. Data out from Pew Research reports over half of US adults say race relations are bad. When we as a...

What's Your Faith-Sharing Style? Mark Mittelberg

When I was in graduate school, my wife Heidi and I — we had just gotten going, it was a seminary, and the summer was coming and we found out about an opportunity to go overseas and serve in a church for the whole summer. And we thought what a cool...

5 Reasons to add the Expositor’s Bible Commentary to your Library

The Expository Bible Commentary (EBC) is a staple for students, teachers, and pastors worldwide. Here’s why: Comprehensive yet succinct Today, with commentaries on a single book of the Bible often extending into multiple volumes, the need for a...

Should We Talk About Race in Church?

The end of our story is a beautiful picture of a diverse group of people all worshiping together before God. This is where the church will end up one day. But this is not necessarily how the church looks today. In fact, odds are that if you walk into a random church, it will look more like one single tribe, tongue, and nation. Multiracial churches are not certainly the norm. 

3 Ways to Demonstrate Care to the LGBTQ+ Community in Your City

In 2018, my church landed in the local LGBTQ+ press for hosting a conference of Christians who are gay or same-sex attracted and committed to the biblical sexual ethic. It was not good press. We were promoting Conversion Therapy 2.0, they wrote. We...

Life in God's Diverse Family | Derwin Gray

Paul’s world was even more racially divided than our 21st century. Let’s never forget that racism misses God’s mark, God’s goal, the word sin means to miss the mark. God’s goal is for humanity to love each other as expressed through the person of...

The Thing Beneath the Thing | Steve Carter

The Apostle Paul once said, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do (Romans 7:15).” Here is the most prolific writer in the New Testament articulating the struggle to be human. He expresses the ways...

The Promises We Find in Bible Prophecy | Dr. David Jeremiah

In the early years of World War II, German forces quickly conquered almost all of continental Europe. Hitler’s eyes then fell on the prize of Great Britain. If he could send invasion forces across the English Channel and conquer England, his...

Becoming a King Experience: A Free Resource for Pastors and the Men of the Church | Morgan Snyder

In twenty-five years of fighting for maculine restoration, the greatest compliment I have received as it relates to the masculine journey was from John Eldredge, my mentor and long-time friend. Among a circle of Kingdom-hearted leaders, John...

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Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

Here are some tools to help: 

The Small Group Tool Kit includes two mobile-friendly invitation cards, reflection cards to enhance your small  group experience, and a worship song playlist curated by Hosanna Wong that can beplayed during small group meetings or personal Bible study time. 

The Church Tool Kit includes a downloadable poster, bulletininsert, invitation card, and Power Point slide.

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

Shawn Johnson, lead pastor of Red Rocks Church, gives a
searingly honest portrait of anxiety and depression and shows readers how to fight back and live free. He also has put together three free tools pastors can use to help their congregation have a productive conversation around mental health, including a discussion guide, sermon notes and key Scripture verses.