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4 Ways to Use The Marriage Devotional in Your Church

4 Ways to Use The Marriage Devotional in Your Church

One of our favorite TV shows to watch as a family is Shark Tank. Aspiring entrepreneurs or inventors pitch their businesses or products to a group of billionaire investors to get venture capital. The aspiring entrepreneurs explain why their new potato peeler, sponge, or grass-cutting device deserves an investment. Then, if the investors are interested in the product, the two parties haggle over the terms.

The investors—the “sharks”—almost always try to undervalue the company and get it for a deal. Their goal is to own as much as they can for as little as possible. One shark, who calls himself Mr. Wonderful, is notorious for being a scoundrel. He says all kinds of loving things to his fellow sharks, like, “You’re dead to me” and, “You’re going to get crushed like the cockroach you are.” He cares only about money and is ruthlessly vocal about his desire to get more of it. He attacks the entrepreneurs and even turns on his fellow sharks.

The devil works in a similar way, and it's no secret that one of his most prominent targets is marriage. Disunity is his MO – to steal, kill, and destroy. He loves nothing more than people placing little value on the God-given gift of marriage.

I have a strong conviction that as goes the marriage, so goes the family, and so goes the world. While a frail marriage can lead to heartache and brokenness that ripples into all those affected, a strong marriage can be the root of so much stability, strength, and healing. My wife, Jennie, and I wrote a 52-day devotional called The Marriage Devotional with this in our hearts and minds – to speak Jesus into every hear, home and marriage that would be willing to read.

As goes the marriage, so goes the family, and so goes the world.

While we wrote this as a resource for husbands and wives, it's a tool filled with Biblical wisdom and insight that's perfect for pastors and church teams to use in ministry, too.

Marriage is hard. Leading is hard. Leading people who are struggling in and fighting for their marriage is hard. As leaders, we're called to fight for and intercede on behalf of those we lead, so our prayer for this resource is that it would help people see the value God has placed on their marriages, and the power they have to speak Jesus over it. We have learned from so many who have vulnerably shared their lessons, struggles, and hard-earned wisdom, and we hope this book will be that for you and those you have the opportunity to lead.

Here are a few ways we plan to use this book in our church; you can borrow any ideas you want to use too!

1. Gift it

An easy win would be to use this book as a gift - for anniversaries or birthdays. Give it for staff and teams, upcoming weddings, weddings you officiate, and for couples in your church. Having a gift in your arsenal, ready to bless, give, and share, is never a bad idea!

2. Preach it

This book is filled with spin-off sermon ideas - things I've preached in our own church, in marriage and relationship series, or at marriage conferences. It's filled with stats, resources, and recommendations – the footnotes alone are worth the cost of admission for planning a marriage series or sermon, in my opinion.

3. Lead it

There are so many couples in our lives and in churches who are in distress or just simply feeling stuck or stale. This book has 52 devos for a small group to journey through together over the course of a year. You could also counsel a couple through a 52-day intensive. It'll be impactful however you slice it.

4. Live it

You can only lead people to the level at which you are willing to lead yourself. You can't properly walk with people into a place of strength or health unless you’re taking the walk, too. Before you lead others through this resource, get together with your spouse and take it for a ride yourself! It'll point you to God's Word, and we pray it will help you experience a depth and beauty in your marriage you may have never thought possible!


The Marriage Devotional


So while it is true that the enemy has a target on the backs of those fighting for a strong marriage, it’s also true that the One who is in you is greater than the one who is against you. God wants you not only to know the high value He has placed on marriage and the joy of a healthy, thriving and Christ-centered marriage, but He also wants you to rise up in strength and change the world. He has in His heart a grand design for you and your spouse as individuals and for you as a couple and the same for those you lead and love. It’s your calling, and you were born for it.