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That Time I Asked the Unthinkable Question

I was thirty minutes into a forty-minute message I was giving at a large women’s conference, when I recognized that I needed to shift the conclusion. I’d planned on inviting women to respond to God and come to the altar, but what I sensed now was...

Four Easy Decluttering Projects That Will Transform Your Living Space

While unstuffing your living space might seem like a daunting (or downright impossible) task, many quick and relatively painless decluttering projects can be tackled in small bites that don’t take too much time. These small wins can help build...

Confessions of a Former Do-It-All Mom and Pastor’s Wife

Do you ever find yourself trying to do All. Of. The. Things. to make sure your holidays are Instagram-worthy and Pinterest-perfect? If so, you may be guilty of overfunctioning . This was Geri Scazzero’s problem; take the quiz to find out if it’s...

The Struggle is Real, But So is The Help of God

In the heart of all humans lives the desire to be fully, truly free. I well remember standing in my packed closet, staring at all my clothes, feeling like my shopping addiction owned me. It is a humbling feeling to be a Bible teacher with harmful...

Transformation. Better Together

Sometimes I wonder what the real problem is. I know the presenting problem is often a constant and subtle feeling that I don’t really belong, or that I don’t deserve things, or shouldn’t want things, or well, pretty consistent thoughts that I’m not...

Don’t Pet the Peeves

If only people would stop behaving like people. If only people would use mouthwash, close their mouths when they chew, quiet their screaming babies, and clean up their trashy lawns. There is a way the world should run. And when others behave in...

You've Got What It Takes

Do you ever feel like an imposter? Like someone else would be better suited to live your life? Like God accidentally drew the wrong name and it turns out you aren’t qualified enough, or smart enough, or strong enough or beautiful enough to do what...

Listening to the Right Voice

Sin, our choice not to trust God, will never change into a desire to trust him as long as we are listening to all of the other voices telling us who we should be, how we should live, or what we should do. Rules, rituals, religion, tradition, and...

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Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

Using How (not) to Save the World with your church or small group?

Here are some tools to help: 

The Small Group Tool Kit includes two mobile-friendly invitation cards, reflection cards to enhance your small  group experience, and a worship song playlist curated by Hosanna Wong that can beplayed during small group meetings or personal Bible study time. 

The Church Tool Kit includes a downloadable poster, bulletininsert, invitation card, and Power Point slide.

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

Is your church talking about anxiety, depression and mental health issues? You should be.

Shawn Johnson, lead pastor of Red Rocks Church, gives a
searingly honest portrait of anxiety and depression and shows readers how to fight back and live free. He also has put together three free tools pastors can use to help their congregation have a productive conversation around mental health, including a discussion guide, sermon notes and key Scripture verses.