The Noble Renaissance: Reclaiming the Lost Virtue of Nobility - Audiobook (Unabridged)

By: Carrie Lloyd
Narrated by: Carrie Lloyd
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With humor-filled personal tales and in-depth research, Carrie Lloyd will unfold the meaning behind the characteristics of nobility--self-sacrifice, humility, courage, self-conquest, integrity, honesty--all required for nurturing noble virtues.

What would happen if we intentionally chose to live a life of nobility? If we thought of our fellow man before ourselves? In a world littered with lawsuits, hate mail and demands for punishment, when did we stop caring for our neighbor? When did we set aside the cause and effect of our decisions? When did we rest on the hidden laurels of contempt, instead of working a little harder, to bring fruit and morality based on forethought over legalism?

"The noble man makes noble plans and by noble plans he stands," Isaiah tells us. The finest characters in Scripture often carried this descriptor in their back pockets, and such labels didn’t always follow their wealth--but followed their integrity.

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