The Last Supper on the Moon Bundle [Book & Video Study Guide]

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This bundle includes both the book and study guide of Levi Lusko's The Last Supper on the Moon.
In the book, bestselling author Levi Lusko shares how you can:
  • learn that life is not about “finding yourself” but discovering who Jesus is
  • believe that God’s love and forgiveness is grander than even your greatest failure
  • buck the mundane of everyday life and start dreaming again
For the study guide, this five-session Bible study, Levi Lusko journeys back in time and forward in hope, using the 1969 lunar mission as an analogy of God’s mission of salvation. Along the way, he explores the wonder of God’s love in sending Jesus from “outer space” to die for your sins—and how that incredible love has the power to transform your “inner space.

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