Ethics beyond Rules: How Christ’s Call to Love Informs Our Moral Choices - Audiobook (Unabridged)

By: Keith D Stanglin
Narrated by: Van Tracy
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An introduction to ethics that will help Christians rediscover a moral reasoning rooted in Scripture and navigate the ethical crises of our time.

How should Christians live? How should we interact with one another? Why do we think the way we do about right and wrong? How should we approach today's complex moral questions? Keith Stanglin realigns our ethical thinking around the central question: What does real love require? applying it to our ethical reasoning on many of the social issues present in today's culture:

  • abortion
  • sexual ethics
  • consumerism
  • technology
  • race
  • and politics

Moral evaluation must be based on more than our subjective feelings or the received wisdom or majority opinion of our community. But thinking objectively and reasonably about our ethical commitments is a process that's rarely taught in contemporary education or even in churches.

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