The Garden Within: Where the War with Your Emotions Ends and Your Most Powerful Life Begins

Mental health expert and trauma therapist Dr. Anita Phillips reveals how boldly embracing your emotions is the key to living your most powerful life.

We know our emotions are powerful. Yet all too often we've been taught to view our emotions with suspicion, seeing them as something to be suppressed, managed, or mastered. But what if we stopped fighting our emotions? What if we understood that the heart is not a battlefield but a garden to be cultivated?

Blending spiritual insights, the latest discoveries in neurobiology, and her own research and work as a licensed therapist, mental health expert Dr. Anita Phillips offers readers a revolutionary way of seeing the connection between spirit, heart, mind, and body. Just as gardens flourish in good ground, the abundant life you've been seeking is rooted in the soil of your heart.

Unearthing links between cutting-edge scientific inquiry and Scripture's ancient use of gardens to reveal what it means to truly flourish, Dr. Anita seamlessly integrates the spiritual, psychological, and biological dimensions of the human experience.

The Garden Within will equip readers to

  • resolve the battle between their heart and mind once and for all


“How does that make you feel?"

It's a therapy joke punchline, but do therapists really ask every client that question? Yes. The not-so-funny part is how few people can answer it. For many of us, thinking is simply our default mode as we try to build a safe space for ourselves within the confines of our mind. After all, feelings can't be trusted, right? Feelings are unreliable reactions, right? It's dangerous to be emotional, right?

The mind has been enthroned as our source of control. The subjugation of feeling is celebrated while tears are equated with weakness, especially in men. The demand to separate ourselves from emotion has left most of us with an extremely limited emotional vocabulary as well as an inability to properly identify and process what we are feeling. We are getting this whole thing wrong.

In The Garden Within, Dr. Anita Phillips informs and encourages us to care for our hearts so we can understand our emotions and live free and empowered. The heart has always been our rightful guide; it's time we start listening to it.

In this six-week study, you will:

  • Define man's original design as from God's heart.
  • Learn to elevate your heart to a position of authority.
  • Recognize the lies you believe surrounding emotions and the heart.
  • Identify personal trauma and learn ways to process through it.
  • Realize the daily power of faith, hope, and love.