Believe: Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus


It’s one thing to KNOW THE STORY OF THE BIBLE. It’s another thing to LIVE IT.

Believe is a groundbreaking Bible-reading experience that will anchor every member of your family in the core teachings of Scripture – the 10 key beliefs of the Christian faith, 10 key practices of a Jesus-follower, and 10 key virtues of a person who is becoming more like Jesus. Learn with your whole family – and your whole church – how to

THINK, ACT, and BE more like Jesus. Know what you believe and why it matters. THINK. What do I believe? ACT. What should I do? BE. Who am I becoming.

Working with one of our Church Campaign Specialists can help take the guesswork out of implementing Believe in your church. In addition to helping you decide what’s the best product for your church and find the best deals for Believe products, they’re also available to help answer questions as your church moves through Believe. Get in touch with the Church Campaign Specialist for your area today!