Alison Cook

Alison Cook, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and writer who helps women become comfortable in their own skin and fully live out their God-given potential. She is passionate about helping women:

  • develop confidence from the inside out,
  • transform anxiety and loneliness into peace and connection with others,
  • experience a true loving God who isn't trying to beat them up,
  • heal lingering trauma from childhood wounds or abuse, and
  • forge healthy relationships with safe individuals.

For over twenty years, she has helped create transformative results for women, ministry leaders, couples, and families. Her Christian adaptation of the fast-growing, evidence-based Internal Family System (IFS) model of therapy provides a step-by-step approach to managing emotions in partnership with God. She resides in Wyoming where she, her husband, and their young adult children spend time in the mountains as often as they can.