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Showing Up When You Want to Shut Down | Lisa Whittle

Showing Up When You Want to Shut Down | Lisa Whittle

Do something with me, will you? Put your hand over your heart. Hold it there just a moment.

Can you feel that? Can you hear it? It’s God saying to you with every single beat – “I love you. You’re still here. And I want to do a great work in and through you.”

Maybe you’ve been questioning that lately,– maybe your past keeps coming up, or you have a current struggle in a certain area, or maybe simply because life is hard right now, it’s even harder to consider God using your life in any meaningful way. John 16:33 says this: “In this world there will be trouble” – this is not an “if” statement, but a “when” statement – and then this most important part of the verse, the second part… “but take heart…I’ve overcome the world.” If you believe that or want to believe that – keep reading.

My prayer is that The Hard Good Bible study will strengthen you. With God, hard things in life aren’t for nothing if we stay in the process of transformation with Him.

I am so excited about what God will do in our midst if we take this journey together. We will look at two kings, predominately: Saul and David—and in each of them, there is so much us. But I ask you not to be afraid if you find yourself resonating with Saul, more than you even hoped. While David may be the person we wish to be, Saul is much more often a picture of how we are. The amazing thing about having examples in the Bible we can identify with is for this very purpose: reflection, that we might be able to spot important places to become more, better, different with the help of God.

The Hard Good: Showing Up When You Want to Shut Down

Lisa Whittle

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Know that you are not alone. We are a tired bunch, and I don’t just mean needing sleep. We are worn down by life. We are brokenhearted and yet still, trying our best. We share that same frustration of dealing with growth-stunting internal issues, over and over without getting anywhere. We all want to get close to God or we wouldn’t be here. I take those things seriously. I wouldn’t dream of wasting your valuable time if I didn’t think this study could truly help you.

The struggles to live in this world full of hardships, including the battle within our own minds and hearts, is real.

But even as we share that community, I want us to look forward with hope: to learn the true, biblical definition of good. To be able to see our hard places and instead of letting them overtake us, let God do a work inside of us to help us live the future-focused words, “what now?” To watch us become God’s woman in a new way—more Kingdom usable than we’ve ever been before.

These are the things (and more) The Hard Good study is here for.

I am praying, even now, that this study will serve you well—in the difficult places of your past you struggle to reconcile . . . the current tough spots you find yourself in . . . and the things you so deeply want to break free from that chip away at the abundance of life God offers you but you can’t seem to grab onto.

May He meet you here, Jesus is Everything.

The Hard Good Study Guide + Streaming is a six-session video Bible study based in 1 Samuel. It will help you discover a practical roadmap to help you find God’s true purpose for your life—a study in becoming the person God uniquely created you to be. With counsel from Scripture, which speaks into relevant and universal issues that touch each one of us, The Hard Good inspires and motivates you to discover the growth you have long desired as you search for your purpose in God’s perfect plan.