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Real Women, Real Faith

Real Women, Real Faith

Don’t you just love authentic people? Aren’t you drawn to women who are transparent and real? There is something fresh and wonderful about women who have nothing to hide and who are not ashamed about who they are . . . even the tough parts.

Real faith calls a woman to be honest about who she is. The truth is, God knows everything about us and he loves us beyond description! He knows our strengths, joys, and victories. God also knows our frailties, struggles, sins, and brokenness. In the midst of all of this, he is crazy about us. When we get this truth, and this truth gets a grip on our hearts, everything changes. Like the Velveteen Rabbit in the classic children’s story, we slowly become “Real.”

We don’t have to hide from God and each other. We can admit our struggles and celebrate our joys. We can become real women with real faith!

Twelve Women of the Bible is a small group journey in which you will meet a group of amazing women who are absolutely real. At moments you might wonder why God captured these particular stories in the pages of his Word. But, as you press on, you will discover that the raw and revealing accounts are a gift to women today.

Their stories are not fairytales, their road was not easy, and their examples are not perfect. They lived in times and places quite different than ours. Yet they teach us lessons that are deeply practical, holding up a mirror to our lives and souls that can help us better understand our own story.

As you meet these real women, open your heart to what God wants to do in you. He invites you to come to him as you are, with total transparency. He also wants you to be honest with the women in your small group. If there was ever a time to be honest about who you are . . . it is now.

Watch the full session on Hannah below with Amena Brown. For all 12 sessions, learn more here.