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Free Women of the Bible Zoom Study

Free Women of the Bible Zoom Study

Earlier this year, when many of us were sequestered, Ann Spangler had what she thought was a simple idea. Why not invite a few women to a Zoom Bible study based on her book Women of the Bible? She knew they needed to ground ourselves in God and his Word in the midst of the pandemic. Then came week after week of racial protest and civil unrest in which toxic political discourses became even more divisive and embittered.

It is no accident that the first of these free Zoom Bible Studies focuses on our challenge as Christians to respond to the racial injustice that is increasingly coming to light in our nation. To that end, along with her co-author, Jean Syswerda, and she invited a diverse group of women to investigate the lives of biblical characters who can provide rich insights into this topic: starting with Hagar and Rizpah, and followed by Eve.

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This Zoom Bible Study, along with the two free chapters from Women of the Bible that tell their stories, is available to you as a free download so that you can use it individually or in a group. In the next month or two they hope to release shorter studies on at least two more characters – Ruth and Abigail.

Join Ann Spangler and Jean Syswerda, authors of many bestselling Bible studies, along with seven of their friends, as they discuss two women from the Bible who lived thousands of years ago but whose lives and lessons readily translate to our times. They recorded their Bible study discussion so that women everywhere would find it helpful and useful. Through understanding these women’s lives, this free Bible study will help you discover the God behind their stories—and yours.