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Embrace the Cape from Jesus | Sarah Jakes Roberts

Embrace the Cape from Jesus | Sarah Jakes Roberts

Am I the only person who grew up watching Baywatch and wondered if I could heroically respond in a moment of crisis? I always assumed the answer to this pondering was no. Don’t get me wrong I can swim, but I’m not sure I’m proficient enough to keep myself and someone else afloat. The truth is no matter how much I attempt to play out a rescue scene in my mind that I’ll always be missing a fundamental component that makes all the difference: adrenaline.

Adrenaline makes all the difference in moments when the circumstances of life make a demand on a version of you that you aren’t sure exists. Time after time in the news we’ve heard stories of otherworldly strength, strategy, and wisdom in times of crisis. Yet, if we were left to our own reason we may disqualify ourselves from playing hero because we don’t trust our own strength and ability. Friend I have a truth for you though, we’re all called to be heroes in some capacity.

How do we reckon with the reality that we don’t always feel qualified to lead our families, friends, co-workers, groups, or communities, but we’re still called to be a hero? I’m glad you asked. I found my answer in Genesis when studying the life of Eve. I spent years believing that out of all women in the Bible, Eve was the woman less likely to teach me anything.

Boy, was I wrong! Eve was born to be a hero. God handmade her, alongside Adam. Then God blessed them, then God bestowed them with power and authority to have dominion over all the Earth. Unfortunately, Eve handed her cape to the serpent when she ate from the forbidden fruit.

This is usually where society and churches end their story with Eve, but that is not where her story ends. In the midst of all the chaos that moment held, God reveals the master plan connected to the fall of man. God reveals to the serpent that there will be enmity between the serpent and the woman, but the woman’s seed will become a He and that seed will bruise the head of the serpent.

God created a plan for Eve, and every person after her, to find a way back to their cape. Jesus is that way and Jesus always makes up the difference. There are moments when we feel similar to Eve. We’ve eaten our version of forbidden fruit and feel disconnected from God. Negativity, fear, doubt, worry, resentment, and bitterness are all forbidden fruits that dare to steal our cape.

No matter what experiences dare to strip you of your strength never forget that you have the ability to recover much like Eve. This recovery won’t occur by avoiding the reality of your disposition. This recovery occurs because you don’t believe that your disposition should become your permanent residence. Just as Eve had to leave the scene of the crime and start anew, so will you.

You will have to depart from the inundation of thoughts that bury your faith. Introducing this new way of thinking and existing may not always be easy, but it will be worth it when you discover that you were born to be a hero too. When we are rescued, we become rescuers. My prayer for you today and always is that you’d embrace the cape that Jesus wants to give you so that darkness can be combatted with your light.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts, with life-lessons she’s learned and new insights from the story of Eve, shows you how the disappointments and even mistakes of your past can be used today to help you become the woman God intended.

Making her mistake in the Garden of Eden, Eve became the first woman to deal with rebuilding her life in the aftermath of her past. Eve knew better, but she didn’t do better. With scriptural lessons and Sarah as your guide, you discover and work through

  • past issues and questions that haunt you,
  • seeing yourself as God sees you and trusting Him with who you really are,
  • how to come out of darkness and pursue a real relationship with God,
  • why it’s important to truly care for yourself,
  • setting in motion the beautiful seed that God planted in you, and
  • running to become who you were meant to be!

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a businesswoman, bestselling author, and media personality who expertly balances career, ministry, and family. She has been the driving force behind grassroots marketing for films, publications, and community programs that inspire and uplift people of all ages and backgrounds. Sarah is the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes and pastors a dynamic community of artists and professionals in Hollywood alongside her husband, Touré Roberts. Together they have five beautiful children and reside in Los Angeles.