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You Can Let Go Now: It's Okay to Be Who You Are

You Can Let Go Now: It's Okay to Be Who You Are

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Are you tired of the never-ending struggles

Tired of grasping, clawing, plotting and striving to achieve your dreams

Have you found your heart aching for something deeper and more enduring?

Many believe that security, accomplishments, and possessions will give them identity. Yet the more you struggle for your identity, the more it eludes you. It isn't until you are free to let go of the grasping and the grabbing that you find out who you are.

In this book, Mark Chironna shows letting go in action by putting you inside the skin of Jacob. Litterally a "grabber" from birth, Jacob emerged from the womb clutching the heel of his twin brother. For years this second son lived in his brother Esau's shadow, struggling to prove his way through life until an encounter with God showed him how to let go and find his destiny as a prince among men.

"Let go of the lie that you can never lay hold of what your heart dreams of," says Chironna. "Reject the lie that everyone is out to deny you of your true-to-God existence. Let go of the belief that the struggle is with someone else; it is with yourself. Cheer up; you can, and you will let go, and your deepest longings will be deeply satisfied!"

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  • Contributor(s)Mark Chironna
  • About the Contributor(s) Mark Chironna
    Mark J. Chironna is the overseer of The Master's Touch International Church, a cross-cultural, diverse congregation in Orlando, Florida. He is the presiding Bishop of The Legacy Alliance, a growing network of leaders in the church that embraces a post-modern approach to meeting the needs of believers. Dr. Chironna is also the founder of, a site devoted to empowering individuals to fulfill their life dreams. Mark Chironna Ministries spans the globe in outreach through missions, media, and communications. Through Trinity Broadcasting Network, Chironna is privileged to share his message worldwide. He is a published author and writer, as well as an accomplished pianist, composer, vocalist, and songwriter. He and his wife, Ruth, have two sons, Matthew and Daniel.
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  • ISBN-139780785262336
  • Publish Date11/11/2004
  • PublisherThomas Nelson
  • Format Softcover
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