Vanishing Grace: Bringing Good News to a Deeply Divided World

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In a time of division and discord, Christians have come to be seen not as bearers of good news and love but of judgement and intolerance. How did we get here? And what can we do about it?

With a reporter's eye and a compassionate heart, Philip Yancey—bestselling author of What's So Amazing About Grace?—suggests practical ways in which we can live as salt and light within a society that is radically changing.   

  • What can we learn from those who shun church but consider themselves spiritual?
  • How do people like artists, pilgrims, and activists model for us a more compelling path to faith than our usual concept of evangelism?
  • Can the good news, once spoiled, ever sound good again?


In Vanishing Grace, Yancey tackles challenging and timely questions and offers a discerning look at what contributes to the rising hostility toward Christians—acknowledging the ways that Christians themselves have contributed to this hostility and exploring how we can respond with both grace and truth.

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