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Trigger Volume 3

Trigger Volume 3

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Get your students talking about things that matter with the Trigger DVD series from Youth Specialties. With video clips that hit on topics that matter to teens, and a pdf discussion guide to help you lead engaging conversations, you’ll find Trigger to be the perfect addition to your program to start discussions or illustrate a point in your message. Whether you use Trigger in your large group, a small group, or even Sunday school, your students will connect and doors will be opened for conversations that matter. In Trigger DVD 3, you’ll find five vignettes perfect for use in your youth group: • “Starving” Through juxtaposition this Trigger explores the often-ignored dynamic of spiritual starvation in those that seem to have every physical need met. • “Boxes” Through examination of the modes and motives of this lifestyle, “Boxes” questions the sanity in living a life compartmentalized. • “A History” In the future, when children open their history books, there will be no mention of your life. So why does any of this matter? • “Hasatan” This Trigger explores the point of choice through a voice that desperately wants to be a part of that decision. • “The Leaper” Is true courage and faith in the initial leap or in the commitment to leap again and again?

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  • Contributor(s)Passenger Productions
  • About the Contributor(s) Passenger Productions

    Passenger Productions is a full-service production company from the windswept plains of South Dakota. It is the desire of Passenger Productions to engage, inspire, and challenge community, culture, and the church through the visual arts.

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  • ISBN-139780310280743
  • Publish Date12/09/2008
  • PublisherZondervan
  • Series Trigger
  • Format DVD
  • LanguageEnglish
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