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Teología sistemática de Chafer Tomo I

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Chafer logró colocar su seminario en un lugar prominente en la escena religiosa norteamericana. De 1934 a 1952 editó la revista teológica Bibliothe... Read More
Chafer logró colocar su seminario en un lugar prominente en la escena religiosa norteamericana. De 1934 a 1952 editó la revista teológica Bibliotheca Sacra, en 1947 completó su mundialmente famosa Teología Sistemática en 8 volúmenes. Calvinista sublasariano, moderado, en el sentido de explicar el plan o esquema de la elección mediante la presciencia infinita de Dios. El eje central de su teología fue la infinita gracia de Dios. Premilenial y dispensacionalista destacado, se pronunció extensamente a su favor en su Teología Sistemática. Esto hizo que muchas de sus conclusiones se vieran algo distorsionadas, por lo que su teología se ha visto relegada, pese a sus secciones provechosas y provocativas. Aunque su recurso principal es la Biblia misma, no deja de tener sus páginas repletas de referencias a otros teólogos. Está escrita con sencillez y claridad y bien estructurada

Chafer founded a seminary that has played a prominent role in the religious life of North America. From 1934 to 1952 he edited the theological review “Bibliotheca Sacra” and in 1947 completed his world famous Systematic Theology, published in eight volumes. He was a moderate Calvinist and sublapsarian in terms of explaining the plan of election through the infinite presence of God. The central idea of his theology was the infinite grace of God. He was an outstanding premillenialist and dispensationalist, ideas that got preferential treatment in his Systematic Theology. This made some of his conclusions seem a bit distorted, which is why his theology has been relegated to the sidelines, despite its advantageous and provocative readings. Although his principal source is the Bible itself, the pages of his book are filled with references to other theologians. He writes with simplicity and clarity and the book is well structured.

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  • ISBN-139788482675176
  • Publish Date02/04/2010
  • PublisherCLIE
  • Format Hardcover
  • LanguageSpanish
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