Learning to Be Loved: The Everyday Believer's Guide to a Rich Relationship with God - Audiobook (Unabridged)

By: David Bowden, Mart Green
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Are you feeling spiritually stuck? Release that frustration and discover a more natural way to relate to God in this biblically grounded, transformative book about how our passionate and creative God offers us gateways--that are already in our lives--to draw us closer to him.

What if intimacy with God doesn't begin with us knocking at God's door but with God knocking down ours? In Learning to Be Loved, author and Spoken Gospel CEO David Bowden and Hobby Lobby's Mart Green remind us that spiritual growth starts not with our giving but with our receiving.

This unique and freeing invitation to respond to God's initiative explores:

  • Common misconceptions that can hold back our spiritual growth
  • Practical "doors"--such as dreams, wounds, and generosity--that are already in your life as ways for you to organically connect with God according to how he has made you
  • A vision of the Christian life that isn't about doing the right things but learning how receiving God's love moves us toward the right things
  • Practices to help you partner with God in living your own spiritual story rather than always comparing yourself to other people

Combining David's careful study and poetic voice with Mart's decades of wisdom about the simplicity of a life lived toward God, Learning to Be Loved unites biblical rigor and personal experience to show that intimacy with God isn't based on our ability to connect with him--but on all the ways he is constantly connecting with us.

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