Leading with Cultural Intelligence 3rd Edition: The Real Secret to Success

By: David Livermore
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As our workplaces become increasingly global and diverse, being a culturally intelligent leader isn’t just a bonus—it’s essential.

Whether you’re negotiating a contract with a supplier on the other side of the world, managing an increasingly diverse workforce, or expanding your business across borders, developing and applying cultural intelligence, or CQ, this classic resource provides you with the adaptability you need to motivate, negotiate, and accomplish results with anyone, anywhere.

Having done consulting and research with leaders in more than 100 countries, David Livermore, founder of the Cultural Intelligence Center and professor at Boston University, has detailed the four CQ skills that are proven to maximize your leadership success in today’s diverse, global business environment:

  • Drive—build your motivation and confidence to address cultural dilemmas
  • Knowledge—learn how to read any cultural situation
  • Strategy—create an inclusive, agile plan that accounts for diverse stakeholders
  • Action—adapt your leadership style without compromising effectiveness


Featuring the latest research, case studies, and new chapters on how to lead culturally intelligent organizations and teams, this new edition of Leading with Cultural Intelligence with help you thrive in any leadership environment—whether it’s across the world or in your own backyard.

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