Kingdom Expressions: Trends Influencing the Advancement of the Gospel

By: J.D. Payne
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In our changing world, how do Christians come together in non-traditional ways?

For the Christian, there's value in learning about expressions of our own beliefs that may be unfamiliar.

In Kingdom Expressions, an expert takes a look at some of the most significant, gospel-advancing movements and trends to take place in the latter twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the United States, including:

  • The Church Growth Movement
  • Missional Church Movement
  • Multisite Movement
  • The rise of church planting networks
  • The House Church Movement
  • The Emerging Church Movement

You'll be quickly introduced to each expression of Christianity—what each means and what it looks like in practice; along with important convictions, history, and influential leaders.

Features include:

  • A close look at non-denominational movements that reach new people in Christ's name.

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