Series: Especialidades Juveniles

Inconforme: El genuino camino al crecimiento

By: Edgar Lira
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Why on Sunday? Why the tie? Why spend more than two hours in a meeting (and sometimes four hours)? Why the wording of the Reina Valera Bible if I am not a Spaniard? Why such irrelevant music? Why is church this way? Why does it have to be this way? Why not just go with the flow and avoid these troubles? Why am I thinking these things? Why am I uncomfortable? Why?

If you have ever asked yourself one or more of these questions, then this book will have reached your hands at an opportune time. Edgar Lira will guide you into an honest adventure, without prejudice and awkwardness that will raise your level of understanding about why we do the things we do as Christians. At the same time, you will be submerged in a practical, relevant and transforming relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.

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