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Historia Eclesiástica

George Grayling
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¿Qué sucedió tras la muerte de los apóstoles? ¿Cómo afrontó el cristianismo la cultura grecorromana? ¿Cuál fue el alcance y si... Read More
¿Qué sucedió tras la muerte de los apóstoles? ¿Cómo afrontó el cristianismo la cultura grecorromana? ¿Cuál fue el alcance y significado de las persecuciones? ¿Qué supuso la conversión de Constantino para la Iglesia? Eusebio de Cesarea tuvo el privilegio de asistir al nacimiento de la civilización occidental y gracias a sus rigurosos estudios podemos desvelar estos interrogantes y descubrir la historia de los primeros siglos de la Iglesia.

Understanding the history of the church is a way of doing theology and spirituality. It is a continual exercise of applying and actualizing the Word of God in the world, so that the riches of the Christian message and of the ways of God are manifested in humanity. For that reason, it is hardly necessary to insist on the need for every educated Christian to study church history as another method, not only to illustrate, but also to achieve ethical and doctrinal maturity. Pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, seminary professors, and even persons estranged from the faith, who are interested in learning about the origins of our civilization, have much to learn from this book. Its reading will help you understand to what degree the knowledge of Christ and his message follows the guidelines presented in the Gospels and manifested throughout the centuries, or deformed by church or political interests. What happened after the death of the apostles, the privileged witness of Jesus Christ? How did Christianity confront the Greco-Roman culture? What was the extent and the meaning of the persecutions? What did the conversion of Constantine mean for the church? Eusebius had the privilege of witnessing the birth of Western civilization as we know it continuing to the present time.

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  • Contributor(s)George Grayling
  • ISBN-139788482674766
  • Publish Date09/04/2008
  • PublisherCLIE
  • Format Softcover
  • LanguageSpanish
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  • Case Weight (lbs)21.69 lb
  • Dimensions 9.5(h) x 6.63(w) x 0.75(d) inches
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