El mejor líder de la historia

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The metaphors of Jesus have been used to move the masses as well as individual hearts and minds, armies and political alliances, and without a doubt these have made him the most influential person that this planet has ever seen throughout history. For that reason, regardless of any religious convictions that the individual reader may have about him, it remains almost impossible to argue against the idea that He is the most transcendent personage in the history of this earthly orb and that He is a worthy example of leadership for this new millennium, as this young Hispanic writer proposes. What was it that made Jesus so influential?

How did a Jewish carpenter have such a sustained impact on the world?

What habits can we learn from him to reach our highest potential in our private lives at the same time that we are trying to influence the global village?

Jesus has been the best leader of history and today there continues to be no better role model for leaders of the next generation.

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