Series: Dragons of Starlight

Dragons of Starlight Audio Collection: 4 Books in 1 - Audiobook (Unabridged)

By: Bryan Davis
Narrated by: Tavia Gilbert, Fred Stella
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In this complete audio collection of all four books in the Dragons of Starlight YA series, fans of fantasy and imaginative speculative fiction will enjoy the adventures of two teens on opposite planets who find themselves drawn into a battle between humans and dragons when a portal between their worlds is opened. Perfect for readers 13 and up, each story combines action and suspense with an exploration of Christian values and what it means to stand up for what is right.  

Dragons of Starlight Audio Collection features:

  • Intriguing plotlines that combine fantastical elements with Christian allegory
  • Immersive worldbuilding, strong characters, and alternating viewpoints that will appeal to teens and adult fantasy readers
  • Themes surrounding friendship, sacrificial love, respect, chaste romance, bravery, and how to discern the truth from lies

In addition, this audio download is:

  • ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion
  • wonderful for summer reading, travel, or listening around the house
  • great for young adults 13 and older who are looking for clean storylines and gripping plots

Dragons of Starlight Audio Collection includes:

  • Starlighter: Jason Masters didn’t believe the rumor that dragons stole people from his village, but after his brother dissappers, he passes through a gateway to another realm.

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