A General Introduction to the Bible: From Ancient Tablets to Modern Translations

By: David Ewert
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What does the word "Bible" mean? Who wrote the Bible? Has it changed over time? Why are there so many translations?

A General Introduction to the Bible answers these questions and more. Without becoming too technical for the average layperson, David Ewert surveys the history, formation, transmission, and translation of the Christian Bible in an informative and captivating way.

Topics include:

  • Meaning of "Bible" and the naming of biblical books
  • Transmission of sacred scriptures
  • The thousand-year story of the English Bible
  • Bible organization
  • Development of biblical languages
  • Canon of the testaments
  • Extracanonical books
  • Early versions of the Bible
  • Choosing a translation

Features include:

  • Photographs of ancient texts, Bible pages, key individuals, and settings
  • Maps and charts that show the development of languages, textual families, and the relationship of various translations and revisions
  • Suggested readings and an extensive glossary and index

From ancient tablets to modern translations—God's Word to humanity has been profoundly impacting the world for several millennia.

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