God has designed us with beautiful and diverse tastes in clothes, foods, interests, and learning styles.

While it may seem obvious that our unique outlook on life does not get erased when we come to Jesus, many of us assume that it does—in one key area…choosing our pathway to intimacy with God. If we ignore our own passions and personality and try to follow a pathway to God that someone else has set for us—such as our such as a pastor, or teacher, or religious professional—we do a disservice to how God has made us. We will ultimately find ourselves spiritually frustrated, demotivated, or even bitter.

In Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas applies his unique brand of relational wisdom that has helped millions experience sacred marriages and sacred parenting, and he helps us find our sacred pathway to the important relationship of all—our relationship to God. You will begin this study by taking an assessment that reveals which of the nine pathways fits you best.

Which pathway fits you best?

  • As I read the classics of the Christian faith and shared my journey with others, I discovered various ways in which people find intimacy with God: by studying church history or theology, by singing or reading hymns, by dancing, by walking in the woods. Each practice awakened different people to a new sense of spiritual vitality, and something was touched in them that had never been touched before.
  • - Gary Thomas

Pathways of Wonder

There are followers of Jesus who draw near to God and grow to love him more when they are in awe and amazed by who God is, what he does, and all God has made.

Naturalists say, "Let me be outdoors."

Sensates declare, "Let me experience."

Traditionalists cry out, "Let me remember."

Pathways of Contemplation

There are lovers of Jesus who yearn for quiet. Their soul connects to God in spaces where they can reflect, find solitude, and plumb the depths of their emotional world.

Intellectuals say, "Let me think."

Ascetics request, "Let me be alone."

Contemplatives ask, "Let me feel."

Pathways of Action

The Spirit of God has super-charged some Christians with energy and desire to do things for Jesus. These passionate believers feel the pleasure of God and are most engaged in their faith when they are doing something that honors God.

Caregivers say, "Let me care."

Activists say, "Let me conquer."

Enthusiasts proclaim, "Let me celebrate."

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