The Epic of Eden Psalms: An Ancient Challenge to Get Serious About Your Prayer and Worship

The book of Psalms is well-known and well-worn. It is the Old Testament book most often quoted in the New Testament, and its quotations can be found everywhere from John Milton to Star Trek to Congressional speeches. Why so much attention? The Church Father Athanasius said it best—most of Scripture speaks to us, but the Book of Psalms speaks for us.

Experience fresh connections to contemporary worship and devotional practices in this eight-session video-based study with well-known scholar Sandra Richter. Indulge in the biblical study of the Psalms, letting Sandy do the heavy lifting of research and translation, which in turn allows you to engage the Bible in a deeply sensitive way.

This study will help you answer the ever-present question, "so what does this have to do with me today?"

Deep dive into the book of the Bible
that prays FOR you.

In this study you will discover:

- How to bridge the gap between the culture and practices of ancient Israel and today
- How you can trust God with all your emotions: grief, anger, praise, fear, and hope
- How and why the people of Israel used the Psalms in worship
- Why the book of Psalms is critical in our devotional lives today
- How the Psalms can empower your prayer life
- The concrete realities of Israelite worship (the tabernacle, temple, priesthood and sacrifice)
- Israels theology of worship wrapped up in their theocratic world view

Session Topics

- Session 1: The Hymnbook of Ancient Israel
- Session 2: Who Wrote the Psalms & Why
- Session 3: Interpreting the Psalms: Sacred Space
- Session 4: Interpreting the Psalms: Theocracy
- Session 5: The Power of Poetry
- Session 6: "Lord, Like A Shepherd Lead Us"
- Session 7: The Anatomy of a Lament
- Session 8: Jesus & the Psalms

Watch the First Session Below!

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Book of Psalms Study Guide: An Ancient Challenge to Get Serious About Your Prayer and Worship
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