Who Are You Following? Bible Study by Sadie Robertson Huff: Pursuing Jesus in a Social Media Obsessed World

Following Jesus reminds us of our real identity.

Social media is a great place to keep up with family, friends and your favorite influencers online, but if we’re not careful, we can get caught trying to become who we’re following on social media, rather than following Jesus and becoming more like him. We can start trusting voices of people we’ve never met over the One voice who knows and loves us most.

In this five-session experience, Sadie Robertson Huff challenges us to consider who we’re following and how we are influenced. What would it look like if we were led by God’s love instead of by strangers' likes? Join Sadie Robertson Huff as she answers the tough questions and reminds us of whose glory we’re really living for. Together, we will learn how to face our mistakes with divine perspective and discover where our true fulfillment is found in Jesus.

About This Study

Topic/ThemeTopic/Theme: Christian Social Issues; Personal Growth; Identity
Recommended UsesRecommended Uses: Women's Ministry, Small Group, Student Ministry, College Ministry
SessionsWatch Session 1 for Free: Know Where You're Headed
Free Downloadable Resources Church Tool Kit: Download the free Church Tool Kit. It includes a downloadable poster, bulletin insert, invitation card, and Power Point slide.
Free Downloadable Resources Small Group Tool Kit: Download the free Small Group Took Kit. It includes invitation cards, social media graphics, a 5-day audio devotional read aloud by Sadie, and a worship playlist curated by Sadie for your small group gatherings or personal study time!


Starting this Study on Your Own? Here's what you will need: Get a copy of Who Are You Following? Study Guide plus Streaming Video which contains everything you need to do the study. The study guide contains a video streaming code on the inside front cover which will give you access to all of the video sessions. Click here to learn how to redeem the video streaming code!

Starting this Study with Your Group? Here's what the group will need: It's recommended that each group member has their own copy of the Who Are You Following? Study Guide plus Streaming Video. The study guide contains everything needed to do the study including a video streaming code to access all the video sessions. Click here to learn how to redeem the video streaming code!

The video study (DVD) is available separately for group's wanting a physical copy of the videos.