Storyline Bible: Each Story Plays a Part. See How They All Connect.

A Study Bible that Weaves God’s Story Together for an Unraveling World

Journey through the interwoven story of the gospel from Genesis to Revelation. The NIV Storyline Bible features over 380 articles paired with book introductions that illuminate the interconnected nature of God’s inspired Word. The content adapted from explores major events, key characters, and the theology of the Bible over seven historical eras: Creation / Patriarchs / Moses / Israel / After Exile / Jesus / The Church.

Storyline Bible: 200+ full-color photos, graphs, and charts

Storyline Bible: 66 book introductions provide a "Storyline" perspective on how each book relates to the rest of the Bible

Storyline Bible Over 200 major articles about theological principles, characters of the Bible, the political and cultural influences on the people of Israel, and the Bible’s major events

Storyline Bible: Over 180 smaller articles address the same topics as the major articles, using an applicational perspective