Signs and Secrets of the Messiah: A Fresh Look at the Miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John


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Does God still do miracles? It’s a question many ask when they read about the wonders God does in the Bible. In Signs and Secrets of the Messiah, Rabbi Jason Sobel seeks to answer this question by drawing on Jesus’ miracles in the Gospel of John, biblical culture, and ancient texts. He reveals how Jesus takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary (turning water into wine), gives new life (healing the man at the Pool of Bethesda), and blesses you so you can bless others (multiplying the loaves and fish). God still does the miraculous . . . if we only open our eyes to see it.

This study guide includes:

  • Individual access to five streaming video sessions
  • A guide to best practices for leading a group
  • Video notes and a comprehensive structure for group discussion time
  • Personal study for deeper reflection between sessions

Sessions and video run times:

  1. Signs and Secrets of Transformation (20:00)
  2. Signs and Secrets of the New Birth (21:00)
  3. Signs and Secrets of Healing (21:00)
  4. Signs and Secrets of Multiplication (21:30)
  5. Signs and Secrets of Fullness (20:00)