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God Loves to Give People a Fresh Start | Louie Giglio

God Loves to Give People a Fresh Start | Louie Giglio

They say everybody loves a comeback story. And what’s not to love? A smaller, weaker, less capable underdog goes up against the bigger, stronger, more talented opponent. It seems as if the writing is on the wall and there is no way the underdog can win the contest until . . . something happens! The tide starts to turn in the underdog’s favor. The underdog keeps the pressure on his opponent with the sheer impossibility of the circumstances fueling his determination, until . . . triumph! What seemed impossible has been accomplished. A contest that seemed like certain defeat has, inexplicably, turned into a victory, and the underdog has come out on top!

You can see why we love these stories. What drama! What excitement! Whether it is a sporting event, movie, or television program, we love a good underdog story because somewhere, down deep, we know it’s our story too. There are a lot of things we encounter in this life that feel insurmountable. Our circumstances can feel like a bigger, stronger, more capable opponent and we, well, we feel small, weak, and hopeless. Do you know that place? If so, you are in the right place, because God has good news for you.

The comeback is that crucial moment in the underdog story when the tide starts to turn. It’s when the momentum starts to grow until, against all odds, the underdog begins to win. However, such comebacks do not come by chance, luck, or good fortune. They come about because there is a God who is on our side and who is actively working to make them possible in our lives! Trust in this God-for-us reality is what drives this study, and it is what you will be invited to open up to during the next few weeks.

God is the God of the comeback, and if you’re longing for some sort of a turnaround or fresh start or new direction, this study is for you. In The Comeback video Bible study, we will look at stories of men and women in the Bible to see how God gives hope to the hopeless, direction to the directionless, and help for those who need help. In each session, expect an opening question, a short Bible study, and some time with Louie on the video. Here’s the first full session:

The real action will come after the video, when you dig into each topic through a guided small group experience. During this time, your group will be invited to participate in a practical activity designed to move that session’s comeback lesson from your head to your heart. This section is called “Opening Up to the Comeback,” and it should serve as a place where the big ideas of The Comeback take on some flesh-and-blood reality.

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