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Engage with the New Testament in 2021

Engage with the New Testament in 2021

Your heart is roughly 18” from your brain. So why is it so hard to not just read the Bible but to really absorb it? Deep down and where it counts. Why do we have trouble getting it in a way that transforms our life?

There are probably a lot of reasons, but here’s a good one. Back around 200 B.C., a Greek translation of the Bible split whole books into smaller sections so each could fit on a single scroll. The order of the books changed over time, sometimes simply from longest to shortest. In the 13th century, the books were divided into chapters and in the 1500s, Bible verse numbers were added. To make it easier to fit on pages, the text was split into two columns, notes and commentary were added over time, section headings and red letters, too.

So what does it all add up to? Our modern Bible. Weighed down by a lot of well-intentioned accessories. So we asked, what if we could turn back the pages of time? To set the Bible free from history’s many additions. Would God’s Word flow more freely from head to heart?

Most churches are faced with the challenge of engaging people to read the Bible consistently for spiritual growth. Most people want the church to help them better understand the Bible but have difficulty due to its length and complexity. Community Bible Experience has helped thousands of churches worldwide solve this problem and engage their people in reading God’s Word daily. But we’re now offering just the New Testament for an 8-week experience called the New Testament Challenge.

People usually read the Bible alone, in isolation, but what if we could go deeper together, experiencing God’s Word in community – then we would really see God’s truth move from your brain to your heart. So we designed an eight-week reading plan for the New Testament to invite people to meet once a week, in community, to talk about questions and discoveries. And, we added in sermons, so now your whole community—in your church services, in your Sunday school classes, in your small groups, and in your homes—can join in.

The New Testament Challenge is a simple but revolutionary idea. What if we gave people a New Testament with the books arranged in a disruptive yet insightful sequence, and invited them to read it all the way through in eight weeks? Is your group ready to take the challenge? Read through the entire New Testament in a way you have never experienced before, and encounter God in a fresh, new way.

Take the challenge to read through the New Testament. Find out more here!