The Warm Bucket Brigade: The Story of the American Vice Presidency

By: Jeremy Lott
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What Do You Know about America's Vice Presidents?

(The official quiz that you, the reader, should take right now to determine if you need this book)

  1. How many vice presidents went on to become president?
  2. How many sitting presidents died or were forced from office?
  3. How many vice presidents shot men while in office?
  4. Who was the better shot?
  5. Who was the first vice president to assume power when a president died?
  6. Why did he return official letters without reading them?
  7. What vice president was almost torn limb form limb in Venezuela?
  8. Which former VP was tried for treason for trying to start his own empire in the Southwest?
  9. How many vice presidents were assassinated?
  10. In the next presidential election, should you worry about the candidates for vice president?

(Bonus challenge: For extra points, name the men that the vice presidents shot!)

See answers below. No cheating!

The vice presidency isn't worth "a bucket of warm spit"

That's the prudish version of what John Nance Garner had to say about the office--several years after serving as VP under FDR. Was he right?

The vice presidency is one of America's most historically complicated, intriguing, and underappreciated public offices.

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