Whose Am I? (Bilingual) /¿De quién soy? (Bilingüe): The truth about your worth & identity in Christ / La verdad sobre tu valor e identidad en Cristo

By: Jackie Darby
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Whose Am I? /¿De quién soy? shares true life experiences about adoption, redemption, and finding our true identity in Christ, while providing opportunities to ask questions and engage in conversations that are often difficult for families to address.

In Whose Am I? we meet two characters whose lives are intertwined due to a strong bond formed by their adoption stories: Darly, a pre-adolescent girl with a thousand questions and feelings surrounding her story, and Jackie, her mentor and good friend, who has a beautiful and powerful testimony to share with her. Throughout their interaction, we learn that Jackie was abandoned in a dump and miraculously found by a missionary nurse who took her in an orphanage, which is contacted by a foreign couple wishing to adopt.

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