A Skeptic's Guide to Faith: What It Takes to Make the Leap

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For those on the borderlands of belief, Philip Yancey confronts questions of faith and religion head-on.

If this is God's world, why doesn't it look more like it? For anyone who's ever wondered if the visible world is all there is—for anyone who feels like an empirical understanding of reality is missing something—bestselling author and fellow pilgrim Philip Yancey comes beside you to explore this tug between the visible and the invisible.

In the gentle, understanding voice of one who's been through skepticism, Yancey investigates questions like:

  • What is the good life?
  • Do my deepest experiences of beauty and pain have meaning?
  • Is there life after death?
  • If God does exist, why does this world seem to be coming apart at the seams?
  • Does faith make any difference in my daily life?

A Skeptic's Guide to Faith, previously titled Rumors of Another World, reads like a conversation, inviting those skeptical of religion and turned off by the church to consider the possibility of an unseen world coexisting with our visible world.

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