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Thomas Nelson's Preaching Bible
Preaching Bible

The Preaching Bible is the ideal choice for those called to preach the Word of God. While it might not be something that most of us in the pews realize, there are specific layout and formatting needs in a Bible that can really help a pastor with sermon delivery.

Having the right Bible in the pulpit each week is a big deal.

References and the biblical text must be easy to locate. The paper quality and line-matching must be optimal for reading. Even the weight and flexibility of the bindings can play a huge role in presentation.

Every detail of Thomas Nelson’s Preaching Bible is tailor-made with preaching in mind. With features crowdsourced from actual pastors, a flexible calfskin cover, and elegant layout, this Bible is the ideal choice for those who have been called to the sacred task of preaching the Word.

• Verse-by-verse layout for easy navigation
• Thomas Nelson’s exclusive Comfort Print® fonts
• Premium high-contrast Bible paper
• Ultra-flexible calfskin binding and durable edge-lined construction
• 3 satin ribbon markers
• 11.5-point print size

Preaching Bible Features

NKJV and KJV Preaching Bibles

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What Are People Saying About This Bible?

Check out the feedback from actual customers!

“The paper is superb and the 11.5 font is perfect for this kind of Bible. It’s well made with the Smythe binding, and the calfskin has the right thickness. It’s my everyday Bible and what I use in my preaching every Sunday. A home run for Nelson… Get this Bible, you won’t be disappointed.” – James H.

“The Preaching Bible is an excellent design for use in the pulpit and for study. The size and darkness of the typeface, line-width, and thickness and opacity of the paper create a setting that’s a joy to read and use. I love the blue highlights. I’ve used a lot of Bibles in the pulpit and the Preaching Bible is easily one of the best.” – Randy Brown, BibleBuyingGuide.com

“Actually, this Sunday was the first Sunday I preached with the Preaching Bible, and as I suspected, the paper quality and size and readability of the font made it super easy.” – Mark T.

“Don’t let the name fool you… It is not just good for preachers but for teachers, expositors, and even lay people. The layout is superb for readability and finding verses. With it being line-matched on beautiful paper, I can assure you that you will be hard pressed to find a better Bible for your studies.” – Casey F.

“This is the verse by verse Bible that you have been looking for. Excellent paper, sewn binding, great leather, easy on the eyes, and the reference and notes are the bottom. If you want a Bible that will last you for years and years to come… the Preaching Bible is it! For Pastors, teachers or just a student of the Word, you can’t go wrong.” – Kevin G.

Preaching Bible