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Pew Bible Imprinting

 The Only Pew Bibles You'll Ever Need


The Bibles you use in your church have to stand up to years of use. They need to be readable for young and old alike, in both bright and low-light settings. And most importantly, they need to help your members and guests engage with God’s Word and follow along with your sermons.

Our Pew and Worship Bibles have been completely redesigned—literally from cover to cover—to ensure that they meet your church needs for years, even decades to come.

  •  Available in your favorite Bible translations

  •  Easiest-to-read Comfort Print®  fonts commissioned and designed specifically to maximize Bible readability and reduce eye strain

  •  Durable hardcover bindings in four classic colors, with elegant gold or silver foil stamping

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 Color Samples:

Black with Silver Foil Imprinting
Blue with Silver Foil imprinting
Burgundy with gold foil imprinting
Brown with gold foil imprinting

Price per Bible, including imprinting

All imprinted Bible orders ship FREE! Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. Quantities 1000+, call for a quote.
Imprinting Bibles Pricing Chart
As always, if your church (or churches you work with) need any help planning out or creating your custom Bible, please get in touch with our team. 
Custom Bible Territory
Or you can email ResourceSpecialist@ChurchSource.com, or call 800-727-3480.  

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