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What is the Literacy Program?

This literacy program will help children improve their reading and reading comprehension skills by using leveled reading books from the I Can Read series. Readers encounter basic sight words as well as age-appropriate vocabulary words in these faith-based stories.

The program is organized so that a parent, teacher, or student-mentor can use any parts of the resource materials along with the books to help a child learn to read. Resource materials include I Can Read books (30 titles per year for the four years), flashcards, teaching guides, and other teaching resources. The program can be used in a one-on-one setting or a larger, classroom setting.

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Literacy Program Bundles

Everything you need to get your child started in the program.


Extra Helps

When you sign up for the Literacy Program, we'll equip you with teacher guides and flashcards for each title. Check out these samples.