Romans is a deep dive into doctrine, not for knowledge's sake, but for life change.

Romans: live with clarity by jada edwards

The Gospel is our lens for life.

Paul’s letter to the Romans uncovers God’s heart and plan for the salvation of mankind, the gospel (Romans 1:16, 17). Sadly, too many Christians have lost sight of what the good news actually is and how to put it into action.

Because we don’t truly understand the grace we have received, we are stingy in giving grace. We believe that we’re basically good, evangelism is just for the pastor, and unity is only marginally important among Christians. We have redefined the gospel to something that’s convenient, but never uncomfortable.

In this eight-session video Bible study, Bible teacher Jada Edwards brings the clarity that we need for what the gospel is and how we live it out. Romans is a deep dive into doctrine, not for knowledge’s sake, but for life change. Jada explores Paul’s articulation of our faith and what it looks like in practice: how we love people, how we make decisions, how we submit to authority, how we live in community, and how we foster unity.

This study guide includes:
● Individual access to eight streaming video sessions
● Video teaching notes and group discussion questions
● Personal study of Scripture and context
● Scripture memory cards and coloring pages


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About Jada


Jada Edwards serves as the Women's Pastor and Director of Creative Services at One Community Church in Plano, Texas. She is the teacher in Galatians: Accepted and Free in the Beautiful Word Bible Study Series, a contributing teacher in the Known by Name Bible Study series, and author of the book Captive Mind. She and her husband, Conway, have a son, Joah, and a daughter, Chloe