Hidden Bible Study: Finding Delight in Your Life with Christ by Allison Allen

You don't have to perform anymore. You are hidden in Christ and need nobody's favor.

We live in a world that tells you that visibility is value, that recognition is your greatest reward. Even though we know it's empty, so many of us are enslaved to this culture of performance and people-pleasing, earthly accolades and social media likes. 

As a former actor, Allison Allen knows what it's like to feel like she had to perform—not only for others, but even for God's favor.

In this video Bible study (video access included), you're invited to let go of the pressure you feel and lean into the freedom of your inherent value in Christ. Throughout these sessions, you'll spend time in the forgotten corners of Scripture and get to know some of the most hidden, least remembered people in the Bible.

What do they have to tell us about a life that doesn't seek to be seen?