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The Books of the Bible Video Study
The Books of the Bible Video Study | ChurchSource
The Books of the Bible Video Study | ChurchSource

The Books of the Bible Video Study

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Product Description

Join pastor Jeff Manion (New Testament) and teacher John Walton (Old Testament) as they look at the context and purpose for each book of the Bible as part of The Books of the Bible series used in the Community Bible Experience campaign.

Less like a Bible study, more like a book club, the Community Bible Experience is a proven way to engage your whole church in reading the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. This program of four 8-week segments includes Scripture reading, video teaching, and guided questions to facilitate meaningful discussion.

Each of the sessions will focus on one week of Bible reading from four-volume series, The Books of the Bible:

  • Covenant History (8 sessions)
  • The Prophets (8 sessions)
  • The Writings (8 sessions)
  • New Testament (8 sessions)

Designed for use with the Community Bible Experience whole-church campaign, The Books of the Bible Study Journal, and The Books of the Bible series comprised of Covenant History, The Writings, The Prophets, and New Testament. Each of the 32 sessions on these two DVDs is approximately 10 minutes.

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  • ISBN-139780310086109
  • Publish Date01/09/2018
  • PublisherZondervan
  • Series The Books of the Bible
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  • LanguageEnglish
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