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Espíritu y poder: Fundamentos de la experiencia pentecostal

William W. Menzies | Robert P. Menzies
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Desde el terreno fértil de la calle Azuza un siglo atrás, el pentecostalismo ha esparcido el fuego del Espíritu Santo a trabes del planeta. Hoy, la... Read More

Desde el terreno fértil de la calle Azuza un siglo atrás, el pentecostalismo ha esparcido el fuego del Espíritu Santo a trabes del planeta. Hoy, la oposición de los primeros años ha dado lugar a un reciproco y beneficioso dialogo entre los pentecostales y los evangélicos. Espíritu y poder es una nueva, erudita y definitiva mirada a aquello que los pentecostales creen y por que. Ya sea si usted es pentecostal o no-pentecostal, este libro le ayudara a tener un acabado entendimiento de las perspectivas pentecostales y los fundamentos escritúrales. William Menzies y su hijo Robert no son solo los más destacados eruditos pentecostales, su vida y ministerios los hacen piadosos ejemplos para todos nosotros. Lo que han escrito en espíritu y poder alentar y desafiar a cada creyente. Stanley M. Horton, Th. D. Distinguido profesor emerito de la Biblia y Teología del Seminario Teológico.

SPANISH EDITION: The times have long passed when Pentecostals were viewed as Protestantism’s untouchables. Today, the shock waves from Azusa Street have influenced countless evangelicals worldwide. But if dialogue between Pentecostals and evangelicals has awakened within the latter a thirst for the power of God’s Spirit, it has challenged Pentecostals to examine their theology more deeply in the light of His Word. Just how firm is the biblical foundation on which they stand? "Spirit and Power" provides a cutting-edge look at Pentecostal theology. It addresses the concern expressed by its authors and echoed throughout charismatic churches today: “Although our Pentecostal forefathers intuitively grasped the correlation between the reality they experienced and the promise of Acts 1:8, they did not always articulate their theology in a manner that was convincing to other believers committed to the authority of Scripture.” In response, theologians William and Robert Menzies explore Pentecostalism in a scholarly and current light. "Spirit and Power" is no mere paraphrase of dated approaches. It is a fresh and penetrating look at the whys and wherefores of Pentecostal doctrine that sets a new standard for Spirit-filled theology. Whatever your persuasion may be as a Christian, this book’s thoughtfulness, balance, and biblical integrity will help you appreciate more fully the strengths of the Pentecostal stance. Laying the groundwork for an accurate understanding of Luke’s writings in particular, the authors help you grasp the foundations of Pentecostal theology from the standpoints of history, hermeneutics, and exegesis. Then, in Part Two, they give you an in-depth look at specific Pentecostal concerns: the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a blessing subsequent to salvation, evidential tongues, signs and wonders, healing in the atonement, and more. You’ll deepen your understanding of the basis for Pentecostal beliefs. You’ll gain a feel for the mutually beneficial dialogue that continues between Pentecostals and evangelicals today.

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Additional Information
  • Contributor(s)William W. Menzies , Robert P. Menzies
  • About the Contributor(s) William W. Menzies (Ph.D., La Universidad de Iowa) es un educador y consultor de misiones de las Asambleas de Dios....William W. Menzies (Ph.D., La Universidad de Iowa) es un educador y consultor de misiones de las Asambleas de Dios. Enseñó en las tres escuelas de la iglesia de las Asambleas de Dios: Colegio Bíblico Central, Colegio Evangélico, y Seminario Teológico de las Asambleas de Dios. William ha sido un editor consultivo para Christianity Today.

    Robert P. Menzies sirvió con su padre, William, como misionero en las Filipinas y en el Seminario Teológico de Asia del Pacífico. Ahora está sirviendo en China. Recibió su doctorado de la Universidad Aberdeen bajo I. Howard Marshall.
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  • ISBN-139780829735475
  • Publish Date09/09/2004
  • PublisherVida
  • Format Softcover
  • LanguageSpanish
  • Weight (lbs)0.54 lb
  • Case Weight (lbs)21.78 lb
  • Dimensions 8.5(h) x 6.63(w) x 0.88(d) inches
  • Pages271
  • Price $7.69

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