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Chasing a God You Don't Want to Catch by Darren Wilson

Chasing a God You Don't Want to Catch

Darren Wilson
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Product Description

This is a book designed to deal with the unspoken lies many Christians struggle with on a daily basis--lies that ultimately keep us from pursuing a deep connection and friendship with God. Christians are quick to say we want "more" of God, sing songs inviting Him to have total control, and appear like we are pursuing Him. But the truth for most people is they don't really want to catch Him. Even a cursory glance at the Bible tells us that the closer one gets to God, the more dangerous He becomes. His demands get more intense. His punishments more severe. His expectations stricter. So, we engage in an exhausting dance of pursuit (so we don't feel like spiritual losers) and walls (to keep Him at a safe distance). Faith ceases to be a relationship of intimacy, and instead turns into a tug-of-war where we simply try to white knuckle it until we get to heaven.

But this isn't what God intended. When Jesus tells us that He no longer calls us servants, but instead friends, He is talking about real relationship. And while the lies we've believed for so long make God seem frightening, untrustworthy, and distant, the truth is He is the most loving, gentle, forgiving Person in the Universe. His ultimate desire is deep friendship with you, but that can only be found in a two-way street of trust.

In this book we'll look at a wide variety of lies even life-long Christians believe about God, and we will attempt to dive past those lies and see the true nature of God's heart and character based on stories in the Bible where God and man intersect.

It's also a book that, quite frankly, is designed to be fun to read.

God isn't boring, so a book about Him shouldn't be either.

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  • Contributor(s)Darren Wilson
  • About the Contributor(s) Darren WilsonDarren Wilson is the Founder of Wp Films, a film/television production company that focuses on creating media that creatively... Darren Wilson

    Darren Wilson is the Founder of Wp Films, a film/television production company that focuses on creating media that creatively and powerfully advances the Kingdom of God around the world. He is also an author and a speaker. Darren's films have been seen by millions around the world and have helped change the spiritual climate of the worldwide church. In addition to his films and television work, Darren is the author of three books and speaks as often as his busy schedule allows. Devon Franklin, VP of Production for Columbia Pictures, calls Darren "one of the most innovative filmmakers and authors of faith today." Find out more about Darren and his work at wpfilm.com. 

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  • ISBN-139780785233107
  • Publish Date05/12/2020
  • PublisherThomas Nelson
  • Format Softcover
  • LanguageEnglish
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